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Beautiful Baby Shower Gift Idea

​Surprise that special Mommy-To-Be with this unique and colorful baby shower gift! It's easy and fun to create --- and guaranteed to bring a smile to her face!


  • Cupcake SCENEsations® Plain / D-I-Y Treat Kit

  • Scissors

  • Baby bibs, socks and washcloths (Total of 24 items -- one (1) pair of socks = one (1) item.)

  • 24 paper party cups (9 fl. oz.)

  • Tissue paper

  • Ribbon and decal (to decorate the top of the box)

You can select colors and designs for your gifts and decorations to match the shower theme, tailor the items for a baby boy or baby girl, etc.

1. Assemble your Cupcake SCENEsations® Plain / D-I-Y Treat Kit.

2. Cut off the top portion of the paper cups so that each cup is 2.5" tall. 3. Cut 48 squares of tissue paper (8" x 9"). You will use two (2) sheets of tissue paper per item, per cup.

Arrange and match the sheets of tissue paper according to the color or design of each gift item. For example, you can place one plain colored tissue paper with one that has a design, two different colors together, or even two of the same color. Be creative --- there's no wrong way to do it. Don't worry about having exact straight cuts or the same sizes of tissue paper. You'll overlap the sheets at an angle (as shown below) and any small differences in shape or size won't show.

4. For this demonstration, the following shows how to assemble one gift cup using a pair of socks. You can roll other items the same way or come up with your own style.

5. Start with one pair and unroll both socks.

6. Starting at the toe so it's in the center, roll the first sock (as shown below).

7. Place the toe of the second sock at the top of the first roll. Roll the second sock around the first.

8. Hold the rolled socks.

9. Place the rolled socks on top of two (2) sheets of tissue paper.

10. Gently wrap the tissue paper around the rolled socks.

11. Place in the cup and gently adjust as necessary.

12. Repeat the process of rolling each item, assembling with tissue paper and placing in cup. 13. Arrange your items in the Cupcake SCENEsations® treat kit tray.

14. Decorate the top of the box with pretty ribbon, a die-cut decal, or even a lovely greeting card.

15. CONGRATULATIONS --- Your beautiful baby shower gift is ready to go!

* * * * * * * * * * *

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